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Lily + Rein is pure and simple hemp therapy. Our products are designed to help women in their daily lives without any added complications. With everyday bringing new surprises it can be difficult to take care of ourselves and our needs. That’s why we created our products for all women and whatever their lifestyle may be.
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Our Products

Our products are formulated with wholesome ingredients so that you can worry about all the things going on in your life, without having to worry about where you’re getting your CBD from.

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Just like a lily, our bodies can be delicate.

That’s why at Lily + Rein we focus on creating our products with all of your sensitivities in mind. Whether you have a sensitive stomach, easily irritated skin, or simply are looking to only use products made with natural, high-quality ingredients we have something right for you. With everything going on in the world and in our own lives, it’s hard to make thoughtful product choices, that’s why we did the research for you.